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2020 is the:
United Nations International Year of Plant Health
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.
#PlantHealth #IYPH2020

International Year of Sound
The International Year of Sound is a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound in all aspects of life on earth and will lead towards an understanding of sound-related issues at the national and international level.
IYS2020 will aim to stimulate the understanding, throughout the world, of the important role that sound plays in all aspects of our society. Also encouraging an understanding of the need for the control of noise in nature, in the built environment, and in the workplace.

Pump House Environment Centre cafe and eco shop is now CLOSED due to the Covid-19 crisis.
All meeting room bookings are cancelled.

WRE is now CLOSED until further notice due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Saturday 4th April
International Carrot Day
Carrot Day was founded in 2003 to spread knowledge about carrots and their good attributes.
Just an excuse to eat carrot cake we think!

Saturday 11th – Sunday 19th April
National Beanpole Week
This week celebrates the recognition of Britain’s coppiced woodlands, the animals and plants that live in them, the coppice workers who look after them and the beanpoles and other coppice wood products they produce.
Robert Penn – author, journalist, TV presenter supports National Beanpole Week ‘Buying and using beanpoles in our gardens just works: they’re inexpensive; it’s very likely they’re locally sourced; they look great and, most importantly, if they are on sale, it means someone, somewhere is managing a coppice woodland well. Beanpoles versus bamboo – it’s a no brainer.’

Saturday 11th April
Repair Cafe Worcester – CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Monday 20th  – Sunday 26th April
Start of Fashion Revolution week
This week aims to encourage millions of people to ask brands ‘Who made my clothes’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. We are living in a climate emergency and the fashion & textiles sector is one of the most polluting and wasteful industries. The industry continues to lack transparency, with widespread exploitation of people working in the supply chain. Never before have there been this many people on the planet in slavery, and fashion is a key driver of this reality. Brands and retailers are still not taking enough responsibility for the pay and working conditions in their factories, the environmental impacts of the materials they use or how the products they make affect the health of people, animals and our living planet.
Here at the Pump House we champion #secondhandfirst by extending the life of fashion brands encouraging people to join our seasonal clothes swap or bi monthly social sew in. See the @socialsewin facebook page to find out when the next Pump House clothes swap is.
PLEASE NOTE- Aprils clothes swap event is cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis

Wednesday 22nd April – Tuesday 5th May
Sustrans The Big Pedal
Sustrans Big Pedal is 10 years old in 2020
CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Wednesday 22nd April
Earth Day
Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide and to mobilise it as the most effective vehicle to build a healthy, sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations.
The theme for the 50th Earth Day in 2020 is climate action. The enormous challenge — but also the vast opportunities — of action on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary.
Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable.  All action is digitally based due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Monday 27th April to Sunday 3rd May
National Gardening Week
The RHS is calling on gardeners up and down the country to join events, check out local gardening groups and organise ‘gardening gatherings’ – encouraging friendships to grow and helping to conquer loneliness with the RHS theme of ‘Sowing the Seeds of Friendship’.
“Gardening is a superb way to make friends and meet new people. Gardening with others creates a strong sense of companionship and camaraderie – lifelong bonds flourish from something as simple as sowing seeds in the ground. We hope National Gardening Week will lead to many budding new friendships” Guy Barter RHS Chief Horticulturist
National Gardening Week will aim to encourage everyone to get involved in gardening as an ongoing hobby – or for the first time. Activities include propagation workshops, inspirational events for growing indoors and out.