Fair Trade – February 2017


Starting on 27th February it's Fairtrade Fortnight. Just about everyone has heard of Fair Trade, but many people don't really understand how it works, so we thought it would be a good idea to have 'Fair Trade' as this month's theme. 


What is fair trade?

For a quick but comprehensive introduction to Fair Trade, watch the video below, and for more details, follow the links. And remember: Fair Trade is not just for Fairtrade Fortnight – it's for all year round! 

What does Fair Trade have to do with the environment?

Why would an environment centre care about Fair Trade? Well, as you'll see below, 'respect for the environment' is one of the 'ten principles of the World Fair Trade Organization. Click (or touch) on the picture to visit the WFTO's explanation of the principles. 

Useful links ...

A few links if you want to find out more ... 

• The Fairtrade Foundation is the representative body of Fair Trade in the UK (note: this organisation uses 'Fairtrade' as all one word).
Top Ten reasons to support Fair Trade, by the Fair Trade Resource Network. 
• A little more detailed background about Fair Trade, and a potted history of the movement. 

• Note: the image on our home page this month, with a link to this page, is owned by the Shared Interest Organisation, and is used under a Creative Commons licence.