Green tech

Setting an example

Here at the Pump House Environment Centre, we have incorporated a number of technologies and building materials that help towards sustainability, and which act as demonstrations of the kinds of technologies that can reduce a building’s overall environmental footprint. 

Generating electricity

We have three solar panels: the louvred panels on the south side of the building. They are small, and only generate enough electricity to power the fans that circulate air inside the building. We also have two small wind turbines – one on the south and one on the north end of the building. 

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater that falls on the building’s roof collects in a large tank at the top of the stairs. We use the water to flush the downstairs toilets. You will find more information on a panel on the tank itself. During dry spells, the tank is topped up from the mains water supply. 

We also have water-saving devices on taps throughout the building. These regulate the flow of water, to reduce water loss. They are also drip-free, and they turn off automatically. And all our toilets (you'll find them on the ground floor) are fitted with low-volume flushes. They use 4 litres per flush, compared to the 8 litres used by most toilets. 


We use natural sheep's wool insulation in the roof and floor spaces. 

Underfloor heating

Our underfloor heating is supplied with most of its heat by ground source heat pumps, which circulate fluid through a pipe loop that reaches down to a depth of 100 metres in the ground outside the building.